Monday, June 8, 2009

Art and interior for a dentist

I just did this proposal for art and interior for a dentist. She needed something light, calming and beautiful for the waiting room and clinic.
I hope she will accept - i think this can actually make going to the dentist an ok experience..


Lis said...

Tror jeg da lige jeg sender som link til MIN tandlæge. Gider altså ikke kigge på det der æble, der er taget en bid af mere. Jeg forlanger KUNST! NU!
Hvor er det lækkert, Line!

kevin said...

thats really cool furniture for a dentists office.. i love those tables :)

-kevin of

Line Juhl Hansen said...

Jeps, kender mange triste steder der godt lige kunne trænge til en ordenlig omgang kunst -og en ny sofa...
Tak for kommentaren Lis : )

Lisa H said...

I wish that MY dentists office looked like THIS.
I'd feel relaxed and inspired....instead of the usual: Bored and anxious.

Great work. I hope that she says "YES". Please keep us posted!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

oh my gosh, line - this is great! i don't know of many dentists who'd be interested in making their offices look extra attractive; i'd drive for miles to go to a dentist that was a pretty place to be!! well done, looks fantastic. x femme de montmartre, melbourne, australia